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in Business / Human Resources    (submitted 2010-12-14)

Man as part of resource management of the company or the company can be a challenge, a new trend for many companies, professional services firms, the employer offers employment services and work credit lease. These organizations can play an important role of the personnel department of administration to another location, including benefits management is a payroll administration and accounting, risk management, compliance, hiring, firing, and many others.

Service Benefits

For many companies running the Human Resources Department is expensive - and many simply do not have the money for their budgets for services in any way. Dedicated Human Resources Department time and resources on demand - and jobs or hire outsourcing can help companies, auditors, personnel management and personnel administration, human resources are available without having to hire someone full-time employment. And because the services of special service employment have been terminated, it is as if the proper name of the company and the Director of Human Resources, at no additional cost, resulting in two different positions of the traditional form. For companies that can develop with this type of service is invaluable and will help companies more efficient.


The main advantage of this service is that person for the training of human resources, not just in their search for human resources needs of your business. Some of the work tasks of a professional service manage the leasing company are:

Wages and income tax

New components of the staff or management of electronic filings, the staff


Work with the employee health insurance, life insurance and other benefits

Manage employee 401Ks or IRA

Employers Liability


Government Compliance

Risk management