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Employee Onboarding Software

Shape a great first impression before the new hires!

Increase new hire's engagement rate by 82% and productivity by over 70% with employee onboarding software.

Trusted by 2000+ customers

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Employee Onboarding Software to Make Onboarding Process Efficient & Painless


Automated profile creation

Grant every employee with a holistic story of themselves

Save employee profiles in reliable and user-friendly HR onboarding software. An interactive tool to store, manage, and access all your employee information at one place.

Automated profile creation
Paperless Onboarding

Paperless Onboarding

Save cost by replacing paper with technology

Automated employee profile creation through hr onboarding software. Store and processes all employee data legally and in a structured manner – go paper free!

Onboarding kit

Make employees feel included at the workplace

Enhance your workplace culture with a well-thought onboarding kit. Provide the new hires with a detailed view of the company culture and working.

Onboarding kit


Win over the new employee in advance

Familiarize the new hire with their role in advance to avoid any last minute rush with employee onboarding software. Engage them personalized texts and provide company info beforehand.


Align all your systems before the arrival

Create workflows, manage everyday activities, establish the work & assignments. Track and manage compliances, procedures and any other issues in advance.



Eliminate ink and paper with digital signature

Make work and life easier with the modern way of confirming a signatory’s identity. A convenient way to capture the date, time, IP address, etc., to confirm the signatory’s validity.

Testimonials & Achievements


Create the best onboarding experience with HR onboarding software

Empower the new candidates to bring their best selves and ideas to work with Zimyo HR Software.


Software tools created to familiarize new hires with the organization’s systems, procedures, and workflows are called employee onboarding software modules. These modules  often comprise paperwork, tutorials, and training modules to assist new hires with onboarding.

Employee onboarding software can shorten the time for new hires to start contributing to and excelling in their positions. Additionally, it might lessen the likelihood of errors or blunders brought on by a lack of understanding and help to maintain consistency in training.


Employee onboarding software can be integrated with existing systems using APIs or plugins. This makes onboarding easier and eliminates the need for manual data entry.