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What Is An Employee Engagement Software?

Make your employees feel happier at work. Ready to learn more?

Employee engagement software is used by organizations to increase employee satisfaction and retain talented employees. The aim is to boost the employee’s “mental and emotional connect” to their work, their teams, and their organization.

Know How Our Employee Engagement Software Can Benefit Your Business

Improve Employee Performance

Employees that are highly engaged are more productive and produce higher-quality work. How so? Because they are deeply invested in their career and their performance is important to them. Our employee engagement software helps you keep your employees engaged so that your team performs at its maximum potential.

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Ensure Higher Employee Retention

An engaged employee who is committed to their job is less likely to leave. Our employee engagement software will help you make your team stronger, more experienced, and better equipped to hit your targets.

What do we have in store for you?

The tribe is the place where all your employees can come together and share what’s on their minds at any time from anywhere. It’s a kind of Mini Slack where employees can indulge in hassle-free communications, share files, memes, and organizational updates.

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How often do you thank your co-worker or team member? Let no effort or gesture from employees ever go unrecognized. Appreciate what they are – an out-of-the-box thinker, a team player, a terrific mentor, and much more!

Employee Recognition Platform

A company is just as happy as its people. Ever thought about expressing how much you care about your workforce? Get useful feedback to further develop your organization and get an insight into how each employee feels.


Are you exhausted by the tedious & time-taking email conversations? Make company-wide announcements, share news and alerts, and celebrate milestones – everything in just a few taps!


Conduct polls and surveys to get employees’ feedback on matters that matter the most. Access a library of suggested questions and templates and save yourself from unnecessary hassles. You can conduct individual surveys, team surveys, or even anonymous surveys.

Employee Surveys

Is remote work taking its toll on you & your team? Take a break and indulge in a refreshing “water cooler conversation” with your team.

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Why Choose Zimyo?

Our unique set of features like mood-o-meter, break room, rewards & recognition, announcements, etc help HRs in shooting up the engagement levels of their employees to an all-time high – even on their most busy days!

Gauge Your Employees Sentiments

Gauge Your Employees Sentiments

Get useful feedback to further develop your organisation and get an insight into how each employee feels.

Make Communications Easy

Make Communications Easy

Share anything & everything shared with exactly the right employees and streamline your communications.

Lower Absenteeism Burnout

Lower Absenteeism & Burnout

Keep your employees engaged at work and say goodbye to employee absences and job burnout!

Build A Better Work Culture

Build A Better Work Culture

Recognize & reward your employees for a job well done and ensure their commitment to good quality work.




Insightful and interesting webinars that offer you great insights into a broad range of topics related to HR.

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Read and learn more about the latest trends in the HR world. We’ve covered an array of HR topics in this section.


Case Studies

Discover how renowned organizations are leveraging Zimyo solutions to drive productivity and growth in the organization.

Employee Self-Service

Improve Efficiency, Transparency, & Employee Morale with our Employee Self-Service Portal!

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Our bilingual and intuitive mobile application offers quick and easy access to HR-related tasks or activities.  They can view and download pay statements, clock in/clock out, check their work shifts, and apply for leave requests- all from their mobile phones. 

Employee Self-Service Portal increases transparency within the organization, boosts employee morale, and efficiency of administrative tasks. It’s a win-win for the organization!


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Research studies suggest that organizations with higher engagement levels outperform their sectors by 17%, they have 26% greater employee productivity and have higher staff retention rates. Engaged employees are 79% more likely to perform better, 72% of them exceed performance expectations, and they show reduced absenteeism. 

Keeping employees connected and engaged is a daunting task for many organizations. But don’t worry there are numerous employee engagement software that can make your task easier. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Organize team lunches and help employees get to know each other better
  • Start a mentorship program and help your employees grow 
  • Focus on the health and wellness of your employees by implementing corporate wellness programs
  • Make the onboarding process smooth and efficient 
  • Celebrate accomplishments and appreciate your employees
  • Organize team activities such as team outings, dinners, or indulge in sports, etc. 
  • Act on employee feedback and work on the things that your employees don’t like about you

Motivate your employees by using the following employee engagement strategies: 

  • Provide your employees with the opportunity to grow in the organization
  • Reward and recognize the top performers, this will help other employees perform better and also retain the top talents in your organization
  • Promote transparency and eliminate manager bias or favoritism. A performance management system is the best way to reduce manager bias and increase employee satisfaction. 
  • Create a platform or system that enables employees to share their feedback and ask questions of the right people. 
  • Practice what you preach. Implement employee engagement activities on the ground, don’t just keep them on the paper. 

Based on the level of engagement and commitment, the employees can be classified into the following three categories: 

Engaged Employees: Employees who work with full dedication and are emotionally attached to the organization fall under this category.

Not Engaged Employees: Employees who only dedicate their time, but not passion and energy to their work are the ones that fall under this category. 

Actively Disengaged Employees: Stressful, unhappy, negative, and disappointed employees fall under this category. 

Many times organizations overlook the importance of employee engagement, which is not the right thing to do. Engaged employees lead to higher service, quality, and productivity which, in turn, improves customer satisfaction. This eventually leads to increased sales and higher levels of profit. 

Employee engagement surveys help your organization identify its strengths and weaknesses. You can build valuable employee engagement surveys with the help of the following tips: 

  • Decide what you want to measure or study
  • Identify areas for action
  • Create a plan
  • Design the survey
  • Share it with your team, and  
  • Act upon the feedback received from the surveys

If you are finding it hard to deal with disengaged employees, then here are some of the tips that can help you increase employee engagement in the workplace.

  • Introduce your employees to your company’s core values, mission, and vision
  • Make feedback a priority 
  • Concentrate on organizing employee engagement activities
  • Promote volunteer opportunities
  • Prioritize the mental and physical well-being of your employees
  • Conduct employee engagement surveys frequently 
  • Make changes in the onboarding process
  • Offer personal development opportunities, and 
  • Promote open and honest communication

Employee engagement and employee satisfaction are two different things. Satisfied employees don’t necessarily mean engaged employees or vice versa.Engaged employees are motivated to show up to work every day and go above and beyond to help their organization succeed. Employee satisfaction can be seen among employees who enjoy their job, but not necessarily feel engaged in the workplace. They might show up to work early and leave late without contributing much. This is the major difference between the two.

Some of the major challenges that organizations face in employee engagement are as follows: 

  • A lack of alignment, insights, and focus at the top
  • Senior management don’t prioritize engagement efforts
  • Communication channels are saturated
  • Lack of participation from employee’s end
  • Lack of engaging leadership behaviors 
  • The inability to bring the rest of the organization along

Employee engagement can be improved by receiving or giving timely and constructive feedback. Conducting regular surveys can provide you with the information weather you need to use an employee engagement software in your organization. You can use this information to make strategic decisions or build strategies that can help you attract and retain top talents.