Employee Surveys

Let your people voice their opinion

Get frequent feedback from your employees and build an inclusive work culture.

Employee Surveys

Understand the needs of your workforce

What is so great about our Employee Surveys?

Conduct frequent polls and surveys to know your employees’ opinions on certain matters. Make your employees feel valued by acting on the feedback you receive.

Create Organizational or Team Surveys

Our employee engagement platform give you the flexibility to create surveys for either the entire organization or only for certain employees.

Survey Library

Access library of pre-built survey templates around different categories including culture, leadership, mental wellness evaluation, and sentiment analysis.

Choose Your Audience

Decide the audience for your surveys. Create surveys for only those members whose opinions matter the most on a particular subject.

Anonymous Response

When you keep your responses anonymous, you are more likely to get honest reviews or feedback from your employees.

Gather Honest Feedback & Make Informed Decisions

Gather your employees’ feedback on company-wide HR initiatives like policy changes, employee engagement programs, etc. 

Improved Employee Participation

Improve Employee Participation

Get rid of long, boring survey forms and improve employee participation by offering them short and interactive polls and surveys.

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Boost Employee Satisfaction

When you take your employees’ opinion for important business decisions your employees feel more satisfied.

Reduce Survey Fatigue​

Reduce Survey

Say no to manual work. Automated surveys and pre-designed  templates help HR managers to save time and effort.

Why Should You Opt For Our Employee Surveys


Get Real-Time Insights

Get real-time insights on how your employees have responded to each question. This helps you address issues effectively and timely.


Choose The Format

Multiple choice answers or long textual answers, choose the one that best suits your needs or requirements.


Set Frequency 

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly- set the frequency at which you want to send surveys to your employees.


Notify Employees

Send automated notifications to your employees asking them to submit their feedback as soon as you create an employee survey.

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