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Employee Management Software

Centralize your employee records at a single database with Workforce Management Software

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Organizational Structure
Company Details
Organizational Department
Organizational Location
Organizational Designation

Organizational Structure in Employee Management Software

Gain a dynamic list view like excel to represent the company structure

Manage and track employee data quickly, and more efficiently. Configure organizational structure in simple yet intuitve interface with workforce management software. 

View Organizational Charts in Employee Management Software

A visual flow diagram of the organization’s internal structure

Facilitate enhanced internal communications by providing all current employees info at-the-go. Portray the relationships between every department and employees within a company.

Organizational Charts
Employee Charts
Employee Profile BG
Employee Personal Details

Create Employee Profiles

Give face to every employee’s profile at a centralized space in the cloud

Gather all employee details like leave balances, work timeline, onboarding kit details, employee data, etc., at one place to make work more manageable, centralized and accessible.

Create Users

Tailor the profiles and maintain an organized repository

Create and eliminate users whenever required. In addition, update data in bulk, edit in real-time and portray the profiles in the HR software. 

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Streamline Your Workforce Structure with Zimyo

Make your business simpler and smarter with Zimyo HRMS Software and experience immense productivity and engagement.


The employee management system is an online software designed to help the human resources department streamline various aspects of managing employees in the organization. This includes features such as, employee database management, setting organizational charts, tailored employee profiles, and more. 

The employee management system is one of the most important parts of HR software. The solution helps HR professionals to manage every aspect of employee management. According to reports by FortuneBusinessInsights, the workforce management market size is predicted to reach USD 5.25 billion by 2026. Zimyo’s employee management offers a number of helpful features, such as creating organizational structure, organizational charts, creating tailored employee profiles, and more. 

The employee management software offers various benefits, such as: 

  • Efficiently managing employee data and records in a centralized system.
  • Enhancing communication and collaboration among employees and managers.
  • Fostering transparency organizational culture. 
  • Minimizing the administrative work.

Yes, our software is an end-to-end encrypted solution that works on the cloud. This ensures that your employees data are secured and protected. In addition, the admin has access to assign employee management roles and permission to only the team leads. Thus, you can ensure the security of employee data in the employee management software. 

Yes, you can customize the workforce management solution according to your company’s requirements. You can set organizational roles, create charts, tailor employee profile, and more directly from the software.