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Our Patients Are Our Priority

Living with MS requires physical, emotional and psychological endurance. Read our patients' journeys, and learn about our differentiating services.

Deborah participates in adaptive archery

Living Fully with Multiple Sclerosis

At a poetry reading, a fellow attendee noticed Deborah’s gait and asked, "MS?” A later week-long hospital stay and battery of tests confirmed she did have MS.

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Patients use the Lokomat

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology offers custom tools that aid in communication, learning, operation of mobility or household devices and key functions.

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BOTOX used to manage spacticity

Spasticity Clinic

Spasticity rehabilitation aids children and adults who experience functional loss, contracture and pain due to CP, MS, brain/spinal cord injuries or stroke.

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How We Heal

Every person with MS has unique medical and therapeutic needs. We find ways to bring you relief with therapy, pain management, customized mobility or communication devices, and by applying advances in neuromuscular science.

Science-Driven Care

With hundreds of clinical studies under way — some dedicated to understanding and treating neuromuscular conditions such as MS — we offer you access to the world’s most advanced research, which can directly impact your outcome.

Clinical Trials & Research Studies


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Center for Rehabilitation Outcomes Research Registry

The aim of this project is to develop a registry of research volunteers for recruitment purposes at the Center for Rehabilitation Outcomes Research.

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Our Clinicians

Meet our doctors who have dedicated their lives to helping people with MS-related loss of function.

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