Please have your bill(s) handy as you will need this in order to process payment. Physician services are billed separately. You should expect to receive two (2) separate bills for each visit with a Shirley Ryan AbilityLab physician.

Physician bills will come under the heading “Medical Services SRA” and will contain the professional services that were provided. They are highlighted blue, as seen below.

The second bill will be from Shirley Ryan AbilityLab (the hospital) and will contain charges for use of the facility. They are highlighted orange, as seen below. 

The sum of these two (2) bills – physician and hospital – will equal the total charge of the office visit. You are not being double-charged

Billing Updates Effective December 1, 2019


What is changing:
Physician statements will be changing on December 1, 2019. With this change the physician statement contact phone number will change to 312.238.6039 (the same as the hospital statement) and to make this simpler for you, the color of physician statements will change from blue to green.

When did you receive care?

Statement Color

Contact Phone number

For Dates of Service prior to
December 1, 2019



For Dates of Service
December 1, 2019 and after



If you received care before and after December 1, 2019, you will receive separate physician statements for before December 1, 2019 (blue) and for after December 1, 2019 (green). You are responsible for both physician statements and are not being double-charged. 


Medical Services Bill

Pay Physician Bill

For Dates of Service Prior to December 1, 2019

Physician Services Bill

Pay Physician Bill

For Dates of Service December 1, 2019 and After

Physician Services Bill

Pay Hospital Bill

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