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President Barack Obama Must Hear This Oath-Taking Foul Up at Inauguration - Warnings Were Ignored

"The fate of a nation has often depended on the good or bad digestion of a prime minister" -- Voltaire

Global Tremendous Outpouring of Love, Goodwill and Affection For The New President

The entire world became alive and happy at the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of The United States of America today, January 20, 2009. He is also the first African-American to become the United States President.

It was a moment of great joy for many of us who have passionately supported his journey to the White House; either in body, spirit or both.

He has a tremendous outpouring of love, goodwill and affection from all over the world. Therefore help will come to him from unexpected sources, mostly in answer to his "prayers", sincere desire and determination for "positive change". For this reason, it will be important for President Barack Obama to also consider looking at unusual or uncommon sources for inspiration, ideas and solutions for the myriad of problems and situations that confront him - whether these be from within the United States or from outside the US. He will never know what will become useful until that moment arrives.

Oath-Taking "Foul Up" - Warnings Were Ignored

What people don't know is that on the build up to the last days before the event, there were several mails to the Obama - Biden Presidential Transition Team from genuinely concerned individuals from all over the world, on how to ensure a smooth and seamless ceremony. It is obvious that many of these well-intentioned pieces of advice were either ignored or not considered important enough to be brought to the President's attention for remedial action.

Here is one of those very important mails that ought to have been brought to President Barack Obama's attention by the staff who received it, but only God knows what they did with it. The result? It caused a very embarrassing moment for the American people and especially for the new President.

It was a crucial and critical moment in history and the "Crowning Glory" of the entire event. It was the main and only reason for the entire gathering of nearly two million people on Capitol Hill, the National Mall and their environs in Washington, D.C., to witness the taking of the Oath of Office by the new President. It was the climax of the Inaugural Ceremonies.

And to think of it, that the event was being beamed live via satellite to several millions of people, on television and radio, all over the world, then there was no reason whatsoever, why this particular moment should be "fouled up". But it was. It is so painful that the new President has to be so embarrassed by the man whose only duty on that day was to administer the "Sacred Oath of Office"; which is only thirty-five words long.

"Oh My God!" I exclaimed as it happened. I could not believe what I was seeing. It became very obvious that the advice and warnings I gave several days earlier have been ignored. What a pity. I am yet to overcome the shock and disappointment of it all. For nearly two years, I have always felt President Obama's support staff were a crop of trust-worthy hands, minds and brains that can be relied upon to deliver critical, time-sensitive information to him whenever the need arose. Now I am not too sure what to believe if they could not deliver such a critical piece of information to him when it ought to matter the most. The acknowledgement emails that they they sent confirming they received my letters were all that I needed to give me the assurances that action was being taken. Not until today - the moment the world had eagerly waited for. How I wish the whole world didn't see what happened. This is something that could have easily been averted.

What could have happened to the Chief Justice at that moment? Nothing? The answers are provided in the letter sent to President Obama before his inauguration. More painful was the fact that the warning was given earlier about what was to happen at that moment in time; and the solution given to avert it, but it was IGNORED. Hence the "fouling up" and consequent embarrassment.

Transcript Of The Mail From The Man Who Saw It Coming

Here are the exact words used in that letter sent to President-elect Barack Obama on January 13, with a reminder on January 16, 2009. The relevant portion reads:

". . . The high-point of the inauguration ceremony will be your taking the Oath of Office. And this is where all of these energies and emotions, convergent or divergent, will eventually coalesce. It is a very solemn moment when you will be hearing only your voice, affirming and pledging what you will do and will not do, in the overall interest of those who elected you. It is therefore very important that you rehearse this aspect of the ceremony, thoroughly.

You should get hold of the document. Yes, the actual copy of the Oath of Office that you will read from. It is ready and can be made available to you if you request for it. Read it thoroughly and become conversant with the minuscule details of its contents. And give it to no one to help you with. Assume nothing and take no chances. No thanks to nanotechnology, software engineering, micro-chips, remote laser and high-frequency sound techniques, super-computing and other emerging "supersonic" or "alien" technologies. When you are seated in the Oval Office, you will fully understand the "why" of this comment.

Ask questions if you must and seek answers or clarifications if they become necessary or imperative. Remember also that you are going to be tested to your wits, now and into the future, in a diverse number of ways and situations. How well you begin now can help provide an illuminating path where you are always in charge and on top of the situations as they come.

Secondly, do the actual rehearsal. Go to the venue with the man (Chief Justice or Judge) who will administer the Oath of Office and all the dramatis personae, (where possible) plus of course your team. Live the moment and have a feel of what is to come; and how you will respond to that moment. Good practice makes perfect results. The world expects you in good shape and in your best form, in body and soul.

If you take this advice, you will be amazed at how easy and seamless things will work out to be. This is one of the "hard jobs" you must do first. I believe you must have gotten the whole essence of this letter and or picked up a few other ideas that you may have overlooked before now. That being so, then the purpose of writing you this letter would have been achieved and justified.

Please also note that I have not written this to suggest that there may flaws in the inauguration arrangements; or that you have not prepared hard enough. It is just to keep you informed of the possibilities that are always inherent in such a big event, and how you can avert any "hitches" there from; especially as they concern you. Two good heads are always better than one.

And this is not just a big event; it is the first and one of a kind in the whole world - The inauguration of the First Black President of The United States of America." .... On quote

I will be willing to send the full text of that mail again to the President; and he may wish to review the entire message in it. It goes beyond the inaugural event. It is just the beginning.

A Word Of Advice to The New President

From what happened today, my advice to President Barack Obama is to be very cautious of some his administrative staff who may deliberately withhold information from him; especially when such information is not in their personal, sectional, business or political interests. It happens all the time in the corridors of power - intrigues, deception, flatter, blackmail and lobbying under the guise of official duties and national interest; and he may not realize it until it is too late.

This 44th President who is the 15th Democratic President, and also now happens to be the First African-American (Black) President of the United States of America is different for many reasons; as Americans will soon realize. It has to do with the quality of the human element as being the fundamental pivot for positive change, and nothing at all to do with race, colour or beliefs. These numbers speak volumes and bear a very significant and monumental indication of what is to come.

These numbers which are accentuated by his innate personality traits and constitutional make-up, attest to the uniqueness and appropriateness of his calling as well as the ability to fully understand the enormity of the responsibilities that he now carries as President of the United States. But also, there lies the unseen advantage that he has to deploy the enormous resources at his disposal to meet and overcome the challenges of the moment; and in the future.