Uncover Which Property Management Jobs Are Perfect For You Today

If you are new to property management jobs, then you will want to have an idea of what are the types of positions available and how you can progress in your career. As you will soon discover, property management is a field that offers plenty of opportunities for career leaps.

Property Management Jobs if You Have Little or No Experience

If you are new to this job, working as an on-site property manager is a wonderful way to get your foot in the door. Most times, you can get this type of position even without prior property management experience.

On-site managers may work in a number of settings, including a multi-unit residential building or complexes, an office building, or a shopping centrer. Property manager jobs for on-site managers may be offered directly by the entity that owns and leases the property, or through a third party property management firm.

On-site managers often live on the property, in the case of residential units, and sometimes the compensation includes free or discounted rent. Not all on-site property managers work in residential units or live on the property.

On-site managers take care of the daily tasks of managing a rental property, including building maintenance, collecting rents, and dealing with tenants. Compensation varies widely from one job to the next, and some employers are willing to provide education and training for those new to property management.

How You Can Move up to Become An Assistant Property Manager

Once you have gained a few years of experience, most likely as an on-site manager, you can generally move on to the position of an assistant property manager. If you have at least a college education in a related field and formal property management training, you will probably start off at this level as well.

An assistant property manager is typically responsible for more than one property. Some examples of rental properties managed in this role include home rentals and small to mid sized office buildings. You will also be involved with more people such as multiple tenants, supervisors, property owners and service providers.

Organizational skills and attention to detail are also a must for this position, as you have to keep tabs on multiple properties at the same time. You are expected to keep track of tenant and property information with standard office software such as word processing and spreadsheet software.