Waterloo Property Management Questions To Consider Before Hiring A Property Management Company

With three post secondary institutions (University of Waterloo, Laurier, and Conestoga) within close proximity of each other, there is no doubt that the Waterloo is a university town. As a result, there is a high volume of student housing in Waterloo and surrounding area and many student housing landlords. Many of these landlords own multiple properties and have quickly become property managers, even though they never intended to do so. Many landlords fail to realize the amount of time and effort that is required to effectively serve the needs of student tenants.

In order to alleviate their workload, many landlords are now turning to student focused property management companies to manage their student housing properties. To effectively assess your need as a landlord to use a student focused property management company, take the time to consider the following questions about your current situation:

- Do you have the time to handle the requirements of being a student housing landlord?

- Do you own multiple student housing properties?

- Are you having difficulty dealing with your current students tenants?

- When you acquired these properties did you think maintenance of these properties would be less work than it is?

- Are you having a tough time keeping your properties filled with student tenants?

- Are you finding it difficult effectively balance property upkeep, student requests, and others areas of your life?

- Are your student housing properties taking up all of your free time?

- Do you live within close proximity to your properties? Are you available on short notice to address sudden issues that may occur?

- Do you have the necessary skills and resources to maximize your investment?

Carefully consider these questions. If you find that you are answering ˜yes' to the majority of these questions than you should take the time to enlist the services of a student focused property management company in the Waterloo area.

A Waterloo property management company will remove all the stress and worry about owning student housing. Landlords will be able to leave the work to the professional and passively generate revenue from each property.

Student focused property management companies are also benefit because of their experience in the Waterloo real estate market and dealing with student housing. These companies are:

- Customer service oriented: Student focused property management companies offer superior customer service to their tenants.

- Student focused: Being student focused is more than just managing student housing, it involves understand student's situations and being able to effectively communicate with students.