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What Is The Best Suitable Form Of Government For Nigeria From Year 2007

What can prevent this country from political unrest that we are going to witness in the year 2007?

What type of government can give this country of political stability? What can save this country from bloodshed election 2007? Nigeria politicians are prepared for war, which is verified to the fact that "two rams want to drink from a pot" at a time.

The North are saying that they are born to rule, and the South says that what is good for the goose, is also good for the gander". That they also can rule this country. Then what can we do to prevent this country from war, because the South was rumored to have imported sophisticated weapons.

There are three major types of government and one can prevent this country from war, they are unitary system of government, Federal system of government, and confederal system of government. As of now Nigeria is practicing Federal system of government in which the president is the executive head of the country and head of state, Furthermore, federal system of government could be defined as one in which all government power that exist in the country is shared between the Central government and the component regions. The north and south are fighting to this presidential office thus federal system of government may lead this country to internal war, if care is not taking.

The military brought unity to Nigeria country by using unitary system of government, The word Unitary is define as one in which all governmental powers are concentrated in the hands of a single authority or central government, this single authority does not share governmental powers, with any other body, but delegate power to other subordinate bodies, this type of government is usually used by military system of government.

Both Federal and Military system of government is not suitable for Nigeria as of what we are experiencing now, if that should be the case the third form of government should be taking into consideration, Therefore the best suitable form of government that can give this country a political stability and that can ensure faster development is CONFEDERAL SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT which can be defined as a one in which there is loose political arrangement in which autonomous, on sovereign, or republic state comes together to form a union in which almost the major functions are reserved exclusively for the component regions with a weak centre. The central government gets its moral and financial and human support from the components regions.

The United State of America as practice this form of government between year 1783 to 1789.

Confederal System is not common in these day, but it exist when geo political zone is fitting for a political office, Confederal system of government is the best system of government that Nigeria can adopt from the year 2007, perhaps let every each region go back to his/her state and specialized on their exclusive power list. The features of confederal system of government are that she has a weak centre, flexible constitution and right to secede which means each component regions can withdraw from their membership.

In federal system of government independency of the Judiciary is one of the feature of the Federal System of Government but Nigeria denied it, as a result it cost us nothing to deny right to secede.

If the Centre is weak there will not be a region that would be fighting for presidential office again because it will just be like a councillorship office which will not bring along violence or political crises.

Written and rigid constitution is one of the features of Nigeria Federal system of government which has been violated and said do be unwritten and flexible constitution, which means Nigeria has indirectly adopted a confederal system of government. For example Nigeria written and rigid constitution does not go along with the impeachment of Governor Ladoja of Oyo State because the Constitution states that before a political office holder can be impeached two third majority of the house must support this procedure, Ladoja was impeached despite the fact that they were not up to the required No, hence is it true that we are practising Federal System of Government?

Moreover, Nigeria adopt federalism because of the following reasons:-

- Tribal differences

- Fear of domination

- Fear of Inter ethnic rivalry